i-training provides an innovative, powerful and

engaging answer to digital learning abandonments.

i-training, what is it? It's the Immersive Learning Platform imagined and published by The Virtual Propaganders1. The first “gamified” B2B platform, designed to “wake up” the learner, make him smile and encourage his commitment. 

It's focusing on performance and placing the learner and his daily life at the center of concerns. A platform for management, creation and recommendations of learning pathways taking advantage of virtual reality virtues and gamification to improve memorization and commitment.

1. French startup expert in immersive solutions in Ad TECH and Ed TECH, member of Nice Start’s Up (French Tech label), of EdTech France, of the Optitec competitiveness cluster and partner of 360° natives. Winner of the 1st prize in 2018 in the "digital" category of the Palmes de la Com ’for the" Arts & Auctions "campaign of the Nice Matin press group.


How it works

i-training is made up of 3 connected modules.

They are designed to meet the requirements of all stakeholders of initial training, continuous training, in-company, coaching, offering them necessary tools to perform their duties, manage and evaluate their progress.


Traceability and recording

of learner data


Immersive learning platform
(virtual reality technological based) 

Web App

"Compagnon" dedicated to deliver business intelligence



A simple, readable and scalable offer

Licences from

€ 9.99

Per learner per month
Access to the platform

€ 5,999

For a 1 hour module composed of level 1 activities from our catalog
28 activities on catalog OR
tailor-made modules
of 3 different levels
Training modules

€ 199

For a passive environment

from our catalog

Tailor-made passive

environment from € 2,999


€ 9,99

Per learner per month
Additional services

Contact us

The Virtual Propaganders
53 boulevard Pierre Sola | 06300 Nice | France

Tel: +33 6 51 46 88 28 | Email: contact@the-propaganders.com

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